Loan Against Bright Future Plan

Loan Against Bright Future Plan

Weakly Installment 25 Weak Collection Rs. 400 Per Weak Late Fine Rs. 50 Per Weak
Monthly Installment 6 Months Collection Rs. 1667 Per Month Late Fine Rs. 200 Per Month

1. BFP Account holder can get loan up to Rs.150,000/-

2. If a BFP account holder opens 4 new BFP accounts or deposits his 4 installments than no interest will be charged on returning the loan amount within 25 Weak / 6 Months.

3. Easy mode installment of returning loan amount.

Common Requirements for all applicants:

  • Application from duly filled in ( with photograph of the entire applicant)
  • Residence and age verification, which may be established from the ADHAR CARD, PAN Card, Election ID, Passport, Drivers License and Ration card etc
  • Copy of approved plan and sanction letter from local civic authority
  • Copy of NA Permission.
  • Bank passbook of Bank Statement s for the last one year.